Songs by Joanne

I started playing guitar when I was 12 and music has been such a big part of my life ever since.

My greatest joy is making music with others, and I am so fortunate to work as a musician and connecting with people through music. I am continually inspired by the people I meet. Perhaps the greatest reward I have received through my work was from a woman in her 90’s with later stage dementia. I sang her a song as she was lying in her bed in long term care and she told me: “you touch me where I live“. I knew exactly what she meant and her words are a treasure for me. I have written several songs that reflect experiences that I have had with both my Mom, and others living with dementia.

Inspired by my experiences working with people and music

Remember Me

A song written from the perspective of someone living with Alzheimer’s disease.
Written by Joanne Does. Guitar and vocals: Joanne Does. Harmony vocals: Barry Nunn and Linda Lucas. Lead guitar and recorded by: Mark Stanley Herr, Blue Skies Recording, St. Thomas.

“A more fond memory I will probably never have… an hour later I went back to collect the CD, and to my utter surprise, there were thirteen [persons with Alzheimer’s] sitting in a circle in their wheelchairs, so enrapt in listening to “Remember Me” you could have heard a pin drop! What a beautiful sight, each one of them so engrossed in the words and music… You have composed a remarkable song, one that will live on in the hearts of so many loved ones who have lost a parent who suffered from Alzheimers.”

~Barb Merlo

It’s Christmas Eve

This song was written by the Zoom Songwriting Group at McCormick Dementia Services. Music and vocals by Joanne Does. The song was featured on CBC Radio on December 24, 2020!

We’ve Got Time For One More Song

For the last three years, I have been working with Participation House, a wonderful organization that “supports individuals with significant physical and/or developmental disabilities.” We now meet every Monday night via Zoom to sing the songs we used to write together in person, and sometimes we even write a new one!

When Delmer Says I Love You

I wrote this song for a gentleman named Delmer. I used to sing to him at one of the nursing homes I work at. I always wondered about his life, and as you can tell he really touched my heart. Kim Redlin adds her beautiful harmonies to this song, and Dan Rutledge is on mandolin. This recording was from a performance at Alzheimer’s Fundraising Event at Aeolian Hall, London.

More Songs by Joanne

I’m Catching Up

This song can have many meanings, it initially was about my love of living in the country, and how much I miss it, somehow it kind of turned into a song of reconciliation/forgiveness. Joanne Does: Lead vocals and Guitar; Kim Redlin: Harmony Vocals. February 7, 2021

Amazing Grace

Welcome to my version of Amazing Grace. The photos and artwork are the work of my talented and beautiful niece, Nicole Does.

Rollercoaster Ride

A song I wrote as a tribute to my mom, whose light always shined!

Follow Your Light

This is one of the first songs I wrote, during a time of personal searching. I believe everyone has a gift, a light that shines within them. The world would be a better place if we all had the opportunity to embrace that inner calling.

More on SoundCloud

Listen to more of Joanne’s original songs on SoundCloud:

Songs with Greg Maxwell

Greg and I have been friends for a long time. We met through the Music for Healing & Transition Program. He is a bedside musician that works with the Gifts of Art Program at the University of Michigan Hospital. We have been playing together for over 10 years and in 2020 began a “Borderless” album!

Photo from before COVID, when we could still do live music shows together!

“Borderless” is the continuing musical journey and friendship of Joanne Does (Canada) and Greg Maxwell (Michigan, U.S). Borderless in spirit … Borderless in practice.

In defiance of the pandemic, we began the ‘COVID SESSIONS’ in March 2020 as a recording project to continue work on our repertoire. Our recordings have been produced in our personal recording studios and completed via on-line file sharing. (Thanks to Greg for mixing!) We hope to sing them live together in 2021!

When I Get Over You

Composed by Randy Leiner, Joanne discovered this wonderful song on a recording by folk duo The Gordons and thought it would be a good fit for our voices and repertoire … and so appropriate to COVID times.

Listen to more songs from Borderless here:

Songs with Barry Nunn and Bob Cunningham

Barry, Bob and I spent many happy years singing together. We have been friends for about 20 years. We hope you enjoy these songs :)). Please sing along!

Our version of “O Susanna” by Stephen Foster.

Listen to more songs from Barry, Bob and Joanne here:

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